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sinuous adj : curved or curving in and out; "wiggly lines" [syn: sinuate, wiggly]

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  1. having curves in alternate directions; meandering
    We followed every bend of the sinuous river.
  2. moving gracefully and supplely
    We were entranced by her sinuous dance.

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Sinuous is a [[fictional character from the third season of the animated children's television series The Animals of Farthing Wood based upon the books of the same name by author Colin Dann.
In the books, Sinuous is female, but in the TV series, Sinuous is male. He falls in love with Adder when he first sees her, and she did the same. They soon become mates, and become practically inseparable. The couple was merciless to the rats that invade the park, and they invade the base to kill the leader, Bully.
They get separated when they are chased by the rats. Adder managed to escape, whist Sinuous was trapped underground. Adder was saved by Plucky after she was nearly killed by the rats, and Sinuous finds his way out.
Sadly, Sinuous dies. Adder was the second to last thing he saw, and the last to speak to. His last words are "Be careful, Adder, my very own beautiful snake whom I love" clearly states his devotion to her. He is ambushed by a gang of black rats while he slept, and was strangled by the Town Rat, a black rat. Toad witnessed the murder, and the badgers Shadow and Hurkel tried to save him, but it was too late.
Adder returned from attacking the rat base, and was completely devastated when she found her mate dead. She was determined to avenge him, and killed perhaps thousands of rats.
He was charming to Adder, and was more emotional than his mate allowed herself to be, and was an affectionate snake. It is unknown if he and Adder had any young, but many fans believe that Adder was pregnant when Sinuous was murdered.
Sinuous probably has one of the most interesting designs of Farthing Wood. He has blue-green scales with black markings, much like Adder's. His most interesting traits are the markings on his face that resemble thick eyebrows and a moustache!
In the books, Sinuous is a sarcastic female, and was bitten to death by the rats after killing the rat Brat.

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